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Welcome to Making a Difference in YOUR Life 

We are taking AIM - Audio Information Modules - to make a positive difference in your life.  The goal is for these audio presentations to...

  • Inspire you to feel more confident - You CAN do it!
  • Enlighten you about how technology can help you take your life to the next level
  • Empower you by providing you with practical life and business skills to enhance your life

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    4) Then you can listen to the audio anytime, anywhere
  • If the title is underlined, you can click on the title to download the written material (If the title is not underlined, then there is no written material). You can also save the PDF file using the directions above.


It is not recommended that you download the material to your own computer unless you believe that it is safe for you to do so.

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AIM to Enhance Your Life   ~

Paula Constantino

ABCs of Life: How to Live More Fully from the Inside Out - Have you ever wondered why some of us get more out of life than others?  What makes the difference between living fully and just getting by? The ABCs of Life – Abundant Attitude, Boundless Belief and ConsiABCs of Life Constantino Audiostent Commitment may hold the key to making a difference in your life. Paula Constantino



YarrowDance of an Abusive RelationshipAre you entering into, are in and have been in a relationship that hurts you in one way or another. As a survivor of an abusive relationship, Yarrow shares with you what worked for her to get out when she had three young children, one of which was severely disabled. Dance of an Abusive Relationship Yarrow Audio



Margie Warrell  Find Your Courage Author Living & Leading with Courage Do you ever deal with difficult people who seem to be unnecessarily hostile, petty or offensive? It’s inevitable throughout life that there will be people who, at times, leave you feeling wounded, under attack, deflated, disappointed or just angry. Margie Warrell, courageous world traveler, author and mother of four, guides you to Find Your Courage within you.

Living with Courage Warrell Audio



Lisa Marie Platske Upside Thinking

Designing Your Own Destiny Would you like to create More Health, Happiness, and Meaning in your life and business?  Lisa Marie Platske, dynamic motivational speaker  and coach, presents the 7 Pillars of Success, including the concept of UPside Thinking with Unlimited Possibilities.

Designing Your Destinay Platske Audio


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Dr. Cheryl Lentz Critical Thinking - How & Why You Think What You Do

How & Why You Think What You Do ~ Join Dr. Cheryl Lentz as she guides you through “critical thinking” – really how and why you think and react the way you do and how as you begin to take more control of your thinking, you gain more control in your life. 

Critical Thinking Lentz Audio



Paula Constantino

 Your Garden: Healing from the Inside Out – Your inner self and body need to be tended much the same as you would tend a rose garden.  Join Paula Constantino as she leads you gently through the rose garden of life to help you heal from the inside out.

Garden: Healing from Inside Out Constantino Audio



Rachel FlowerFrom Poverty to ProsperityPoverty can take many forms – not just lack of money or resources.  Explore the journey from poverty to prosperity with Rachel Flower, as she shares her inspiring, uplifting trek throughout the world – interweaving tips and tools so we can achieve true prosperity in our lives.From Poverty to Prosperity Audio




Ann B Sloan Self Esteem

Secrets of Self-Respect and Self-Esteem  - Tapping into her experience as a European refugee, Ann B. Sloan guides you on the path toward achieving more self-respect, self-confidence and self-appreciation. She provides you with specific, practical tools for loving, honoring and respecting yourself.

Secrets of Self Respect Sloan Audio



Dotsie Claim Midlife Purpose

Discover & Claim Your Midlife Purpose ~ Midlife is a time for discovery – to explore your inner purpose, to reinvent yourself or to take your life to new, exciting level.  As founder of Boomer Women National Boomer Business Women, Dotsie Bregel guides you on the path of self-discovery.

Claim Your Midlife Purpose Bregel Audio



Lisa Marie Platske Upside ThinkingTurning Your Contacts to Contracts: How to Build Your Business through Networking
The key to effective networking is building relationships.  Lisa Marie Platske, dynamic motivational speaker and coach, guides you through the steps to make the most of networking. You are the “net” but success comes when you do the “WORK.”  Practical, how to steps to build productive relationships.

Contacts to Contracts Platske Audio



Paula Constantino

Package Yourself for Success Online: Harnessing the Power of the Internet Online and social entrepreneur, Paula Constantino, demonstrates how you can take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into online income.  Learn the steps for writing articles, using audio, having a website and creating digital informational products.

Package Yourself for Success Constantino Audio


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Elinor Stutz Smooth Sale
5 Keys to Relationship Selling: Exploring the difference between Relationship Selling and traditional selling
Author, speaker and consultant,  Elinor Stutz, shows you how to make friends and then translate that strategy to effective selling… how building rapport and relationships leads to successful sales.

5 Keys to Relationship Selling Stutz Audio