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About Paula Constantino, Founder



Affiliated with


As a Global Communiyt Partner, The Leading Women of Africa (LWA)is an integral part of our mission.

MAdelein Mkunu Leading Women of Africa - Women Rebuilding AfricaMadelein Mkunu, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Leading Women of Africa, is a leading proponent of empowering the women of Africa by getting rid of their “poverty mentality.”

The Leading Women of Africa as an organization where women economic leaders and role-players from private and public sectors share business intelligence, trade and investment opportunities, innovative models for small business, and networking. 


Founder, Paula Constantino, as a member of the LWA Board, is working closely with Madelein to implement our pilot project first in South Africa and then throughout Africa. The Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP) empowers women through building virtual teams that work with mentors to develop audio information modules (AIM) and then deliver them with handheld audio players to women villagers and others. Read the WRAP Overview here and Read the WRAP Story here


 we are working with Madelein to develop a program to develop pilot projects first in South Africa and then in other countries on the Continent.  This program trains the women leaders to build virtual teams and to develop information modules to meet the needs of women in their repective countries.  As Madelein often states, "What women in Africa need most is to get rid of their 'poverty mentality'.".

Linda Higden, of Peace X Peace, was responsible for introducing Paula and Madelein and fostering their relationship.  Peace X Peace, also a Partner Organization, helps women move beyond violence, fear and hopelessness.



Special Updates From our Blog

Making a Difference by Taking AIM

Making a difference is what it’s all about!

2 African rural wom loaded dwn 5-08

Visualize this – an African village woman listening to an inspirational message – her eyes wide open as she “sees” for the first time how her “poverty mentality” has kept her living in squalor… She listens again and again… She feels the power within herself to take steps to change her life.


As this woman feels more inspired, experiencing her own magnificence, she savors life more fully… Now, she’s listening to other messages about caring for her family… and listening even more, she discovers how she how she can market the exquisite baskets she weaves – Wow! She may even be able to sell her beautiful crafts over the Internet together with other women in her village.


You see… being a women, she has shared these audio messages with her friends, family and others in the village.  Each of them has listened to the inspiring, empowering messages several times.  As others in the village and neighboring villages see how much energy and enthusiasm these village women have, they want to know how this happened… and the life-enhancing messages spread farther and faster.

How does this happen??  You see… this villager could be one the fortunate women in South Africa (SA) who has access to the Leading Women of Africa’s Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP). 

Yes, I am so excited to be working closely with Madelein Mkunu, founder of the LWA. Together, we are pooling our resources to build virtual teams in SA to develop and deliver audio information modules (AIM) to women in SA villages. 

Women with expertise in specific areas – mentors – record inspiring, enlightening, empowering presentations on digital audio files.  This information is uploaded onto handheld audio players, and the players with AIM are delivered to women in the villages to listen to and to share with others.

Just think of the impact this can have!  Think about all the lives that can be enriched, enhanced, improved – Women coming more alive! Embracing life! Being more productive! Feeling good about themselves! Being empowered and empowering others!


This, my dear friends, is my vision and my mission is to make it happen – all over the world! We can take AIM anywhere in the world – desserts, mountains, jungles – Anywhere – anytime! That’s beauty of AIM!

Working together we can create a whole new world for women AND their families  AND their communities… all while we save the planet.


Because all of our work is done electronically – virtual teams, digital files, etc… we save so much and get such fantastic results – using minimal resources… environmentally sound and well as being practical, effective and efficient.  What more could we want?

Let’s all work together to make this vision a reality for women every – I invite you to come into your own magnificence and to share your gratitude with other women – your beauty, spirit, wisdom, joy and power.  Together, we have the power to create a whole new world. 

We can indeed change the world! 
                      September 18, 2008



Global Organizations Working Together

For the last few weeks, we, 1000 Women Can Change the World (“1000 Women,” for short) have been closely with two international organizations, PeaceXPeace and the Leading Women of Africa… exploring ways that we can create synergy by exchanging ideas, pooling our resources and working together.

My personal mantra and tagline for Women’s Support TEAM has been for some time now “Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) with less stress globally.”  Now it is really taking off with teaming up of international organizations and this, as they say, is just the beginning.

PeaceXPeace is building Global Networks – Circles all around the Globe so that like-minded individuals can connect with each other and exchange ideas, concepts, resources and so much more. 

The Leading Women of Africa  is a pan-African movement uniting women leaders in order to find ways and means to contribute to the maintenance of peace and stability in that continent through the unity and economic empowerment of Women of Africa in the 21st century.

It was by joining one of the Global Roundtables put on by PeaceXPeace and Unifem that I learned about the leading women of Africa.  Through their moderator and facilitator, Linda Higdon, I had the pleasure of meeting and exchanging ideas with Madelein Mkunu from South Africa, a leading proponent for helping the woman of Africa.

When I asked Madelein what the women in Africa need most, she, without hesitation, stated “to get rid of their poverty mentality.  Since the Universe is working in its infinite wisdom, one of our Mentors (from Women's Support TEAM), Rachel Flower, is already starting to work on this project – creating an information module on from poverty to prosperity.  

All this... in just a couple weeks. 

How exciting!  Stay tuned for more updates…                Augugst 23, 2008

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