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~~ Global Community Partners ~~

Our work with other global organizations worldwide is an essential part of 1000 Women Can Change the World.  These Global Communtiy Partner organizations are an integral part of our mission.


      > The Leading Women of Africa (LWA) Created by Madelein Mkunu, The Leading Women of Africa  promotes unity and economic empowerment of women on the Continent as the key to Socio-Economic Sustainability in Africa. One of the main problems in Africa in NOT Poverty; it is Poverty mentality that Africans specially women need to fight against. While reaching to women at grassroots level and attending to their various empowerment needs, LWA is appealing to women at leadership and decision making positions (first ladies, women leaders) to unite and play a significant role to fast track empowerment of women at all levels. Founder, Paula Constantino, as a member of the LWA Board, is working closely with Madelein to implement our pilot project – Women Rebuilding South Africa (WRAP) first in South Africa and then throughout Africa.  Read more here.


     >   Women to the World  (WWT) Founded and led by Doris Aldrich, Women to the World, Inc. is an International not-for-profit Christian service organization committed to improving the lives of disenfranchised women and children in developing nations, including Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and Mexico.


     > World Leadership Day (WLD) Founder Visionary Elisabeth Gortschacher, inspires you to be "a soul-inspired leader when your actions, choices and words align with your soul’s purpose." World Leadership Day is a global, grassroots initiative to inspire, connect and transform leadership thinking across generations, gender and cultures. It is a platform for new leadership to emerge and for disillusioned and burnt out leaders to reconnect with what is truly important and bring meaning, joy and passion back into their lives.

~~ USA Community Partners ~~

      > Anne Arundel Medical Center's Abuse & Domestic Violence Program (AAADVP) in Annapolis, Maryland, responds to calls from nurses and other hospital staff from all departments who suspect that a patient is a victim of abuse. The Domestic Violence staff works with victims in a number of ways, primarily by acting as support and advocate for them. the program has expanded to assisting in child abuse, vulnerable abuse cases and sexual assault/rape cases.

~~  Affilaited Organizations ~~

>   Peace X Peace  Peace X Peace helps women move beyond violence, fear and hopelessness. Instead of giving in, or waiting for someone else to "do something," helping women to link arms with other women who share our determination and passion for change.  Working with Linda Higden, we are creating and building relationships with women leaders worldwide. Partner Organizations Working Together featured on PeaceXPeace




        Investments of time and expertise, as well as monetary investments, are welcomed.  As we venture to make a difference in the world, we appreciate your suppport.

All donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible.



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