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Here is what Visionaries, leaders and others are saying about 1000 Women …


Leading Women of Africa Founder praises the Women Rebuilding Africa Program (WRAP)…


Madelein Mkunu Leading Women of Africa”I am so excited to be working 1000 women can Change the World with the aim to pool resources to build virtual teams in SA and to develop and deliver audio information modules (AIM) to women in SA.  I believe that these programmes will change lives of African women through inspiration of recorded messages. You see, until someone does something, one will never know how a simple idea can change others lives. When Paula Constantino, the founder of 1000 Women can change the world, took time to train the first group of women on how to do a recording on radio acrobat, our eyes opened wide. I remember Charlene, one of my colleagues telling me, “I feel so empowered to know that there women out there that are passionate about empowerment of others”. She saw the impossible become possible. Charlene’s life is never the same! I would like to see 1000 Women can change the World contributing with their expertise in Technology and provide tools that will empower and inspire women of Africa. We look forward to working with you Paula.”  ~ Madelein Mkunu (South Africa - Global Community Partner)


Founder of World Leadership Day Embraces the Vision and Mission…


Elisabeth Gortschacher World Leadership Day“Paula Constantino without a doubt is a visionary and inspirational leader with a conviction to empower, unite and build women leaders across the world for eradication of poverty and world peace. Her vision and mission is far reaching, and her approach unconventional and down to earth.  World peace starts with personal leadership and developing inner peace.  Women are in a powerful position to cultivate both within their family unit and communities.  It is a pleasure and a privilege for World Leadership Day to join '1000 Women Can Change the World' in a global community partnership to realize our aligned vision and mission.” ~  Visionary Elisabeth Gortschacher (Australia - Global Community Partner)) 


From the Newsletter of the Wealthy Bag Lady –  

Linda Hollander Wealthy Bag Lady
Focus on Giving: 1,000 Women Can Change the World -
 I've become a charter member of 1,000 Women Can Change the World,  founded by Paula Constantino. As a Charter "10" Visionary, I believe  in empowering women worldwide.  Paula gives women in third world countries information how to improve the quality of their daily lives. These women develop the skills and confidence to become more productive in their society. They become entrepreneurs, attain formal education and start to "pay  it forward."  ~ Silver Visionary Linda Hollander (USA)


Founder of Women Forward in South Africa Sees the Possibilities


Nana Ngobese Women Forward“The energy that has been brought into the workings of women empowerment at grassroot level through Paula's Project of a 1000 Women Can Change The World is indeed very special. The unique aspect that it brings is technology working at grassroot level, among women, to inspire and motivate one another to see the solutions to their challenges as within their reach. This opens up possibilities to the many millions of women who have become despondent thinking that they are the only ones struggling. So, when they reach out to another through the MP3s with a positive 'can do' message in their local languages, they are able to energise one another and see more of the opportunities to better their lives than spend time complaining about what has not worked. Paula is a great inspiration to us all who understand that 'there is enough for everyone' if only we could see the world from abundance than scarcity. She has also managed to cross the continental divide in ensuring that the 1000 women will be in every corner of the globe. Paula is a true visionary.”  Visionary Nana Ngobese (South Africa)

Fully Tax deductible

Donate Now Tax Deductible

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